Drive & Survive



* our eLearning courses will be accessible from the end of November 2020.


For most of us, driving is the most dangerous activity that we regularly engage in. For less than a month’s worth of takeaway coffee, this course will help you to both drive and survive!

This aim of this course is to present a road map for reducing road risk and beginning to become a better and safer driver.

Drive & Survive provides insightful ideas and top tips for developing your driving and increasing your safety margins.


Lessons include:

  • the essence of defensive driving
  • the need for a defensive driving style
  • pillars of driving safety
  • fitness to drive
  • benefits of a systematic approach to driving hazards
  • prior planning prevents poor performance
  • how to think like a defensive driver
  • multi-tasking and driver distraction
  • blind spots
  • time to react
  • 2-second rule
  • safety bubble technique
  • link speed to vision & grip.


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