Advanced & Defensive Driving for patient transport (4-day)



All professional drivers must have an advanced level of driving skill and knowledge, and a defensive driving mindset, in order to steer clear of trouble. This is especially true when patients entrust their safety to a patient transport service and their staff.

For twenty years, we have been tailoring courses for our private, public and voluntary sector ambulance service clients in the UK and, more recently, Qatar.

This 4-day advanced and defensive driving course for drivers of patient transport ambulances lays the foundations of a safe, defensive driving style. Delivered in clients’ vehicles on an ideal 2-to-1 participant-to-trainer ratio, participants typically demonstrate the driving competence required of their role within four days of shared on-road training.

We promote the delivery of ambulance driving courses on a 2-to-1 participant-to-trainer ratio. A 4-day advanced & defensive driving course for PTS drivers that runs from our Worcestershire HQ in clients’ own vehicles costs £700 per participant. Let us know if you would like us to deliver training from your premises – wherever they are – and we will quote accordingly.


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