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Andy Dubberley, Vice Chairman of the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs (GoPC), writing for


“Having done [their] courses, it’s impossible for me to speak highly enough about the standard of instruction and the level of driving ability [their trainers] have to pass on.”


Online resources and courses (due to launch in July 2020) here on the How to Drive portal make the mastery of professional driving theory convenient and accessible to all.

Since 1997, Bespoke Driver Training has been the vehicle through which 100s of individuals and organisations have pursued their professional driving ambitions. Bespoke’s much respected on-road driving courses are integral components in How to Drive’s mission to help professional drivers – such as chauffeurs and close protection drivers – to advance their careers.

Our comprehensive programme of driving development prepares drivers like you for increasingly rewarding careers as professional drivers.


Our modular approach

Each of the following three popular course modules can be enjoyed singly or in combination with other modules. If you are not already a current advanced driver, then you will first need to develop the advanced, defensive driving foundations of every professional driving role by first attending our module 1 (M1) course before attending both or either of the subsequent two modules in chauffeuring and protection driving.

  1. M1 4-day Advanced & Defensive Driving Course
  2. M2 3 day Chauffeur Driving Course
  3. M3 3 day Security Chauffeur and foundations of Close Protection Driving Course.

“Absolutely amazing course that I would recommend in a heartbeat.” – Sephen Wilkie

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the delivery… I am glad that I was trained by you.” – Lalbahadur Pun

Benefits of training with us

We’re subject matter experts with a world of experience. Rather than provide off-the-shelf on-road driving courses, we endeavour to tailor bespoke driving courses that meet individual client’s needs.

Ideal 2-to-1 training ratio

Unlike other training providers, who may seek to maximise profit by delivering courses on an unfavourable 3-to-1 participant-to-trainer ratio, we deliver our driving courses on an ideal 2-to-1 ratio, ensuring each participant gets plenty of hands-on time behind the wheel and tailored coaching.

Experience & expertise

Our expert team has a world of international experience as both pro’ drivers and driving trainers. We will share with you our wide experience of chauffeuring and protecting business titans, HNWIs, celebrities, royalty, and prime ministers. And we’ll share with you how to find work as a pro’ driver.

Popular courses for pro' drivers