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Erich Fromm (psychologist and philosopher) was right:

“The process of learning an art can be divided conveniently into two parts: one, the mastery of the theory; the other, the mastery of the practice.”

Online resources and courses here on the How to Drive portal make the mastery of driving theory convenient and accessible to all.

Since 1997, Bespoke Driver Training has been the vehicle through which 1000s of individuals and organisations have pursued driving mastery. Bespoke is an integral component in How to Drive’s mission of making the world’s roads safer for everyone.

Benefits of training with us

Expertise & experience
We’re subject matter experts with a world of international experience.

“It is obvious to me that you set a far higher standard than most and can draw on a unique amount of knowledge and experience.” – Mark J Suddaby

Learning with us is fun!

“Thank you for the superb in-depth training & support … I had great fun.” – Barry Devine

We dislike dogmatism. We prefer to be pragmatic.

“The ‘speed kills’ message is simplistic and speed limits are blunt tools. Our speed should relate to the conditions, such that we can stop safely within the distance we can see, taking account of all hazards that we can reasonably foresee .” – Mark, How to Drive’s founder

Rather than provide off-the-shelf on-road driving courses, we endeavour to tailor bespoke driving courses that meet individual client’s needs.

“My bespoke … driving course was exceptional.” – Dr Halden Hutchinson-Bazely

Access to the UK’s best test track
For many years, we have enjoyed privileged access to the UK’s best test track – Millbrook Proving Ground – where we develop course participants’ understanding of vehicle dynamics, enhance their car control skills, and build their confidence, aiding collision avoidance on the highway.

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