Emergency Response Driving Courses for blue light users

Blue light emergency response driving course

Bespoke Driver Training

Erich Fromm (psychologist and philosopher) was right:

“The process of learning an art can be divided conveniently into two parts: one, the mastery of the theory; the other, the mastery of the practice.”

Online resources and courses (due to launch in July 2020) here on the How to Drive portal make the mastery of emergency response driving theory convenient and accessible to all.

Since 1997, Bespoke Driver Training has been the vehicle through which 1000s of individuals and organisations have pursued their blue light driving ambitions. Bespoke is an integral component in How to Drive’s mission of making the world’s roads safer for everyone.

“In 2020, the law in the UK in relation to emergency response driving is an ass.” – Mark, How to Drive’s founder

Did you know that there is no universal minimum standard of driving competence applied to everyone responding urgently to emergencies? Well, there is now! Bespoke Driver Training has introduced a pragmatic, graduated solution that provides a new, universal minimum standard for all blue light users, called Foundation. Two other levels comprise our graduated approach to the training and certification of emergency drivers.

Levels of our graduated approach

  1. Foundation – a universal minimum standard for all drivers responding urgently to emergencies, geared-up especially to part-time volunteers
  2. Standard – a recommended minimum standard for regular, employed/contracted staff
  3. Advanced – a recommended minimum standard for instructors of emergency response driving.

Course duration

Delivered on our recommended 2-to-1 participant-to-trainer ratio, participants’ commonly demonstrate the required level of competence after courses with us totalling:

  1. Foundation – 5 days of behind-the-wheel (BTW) training
  2. Standard – 10 days of BTW training
  3. Advanced – 20 days of BTW training.

Benefits of training with us

We’re subject matter experts with a world of experience. Rather than provide off-the-shelf on-road driving courses, we endeavour to tailor bespoke driving courses that meet individual client’s needs.

Ideal 2-to-1 training ratio

Unlike other training providers, who may seek to maximise profit by delivering courses on an unfavourable 3-to-1 participant-to-trainer ratio, we deliver our driving courses in fewer days on an ideal 2-to-1 ratio, ensuring each participant gets plenty of hands-on time behind the wheel. The organisations’ for which they work or volunteer benefit by having their staff or volunteers back to work sooner.

Focused on competence not days

We are unique amongst emergency response driving training providers. We are focused on driver competence not driving course duration. As soon as a course participant consistently demonstrates their course’s standard of driving competence, they are released early to return to their work. This client-centred focus helps to save our clients money.

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