Advanced defensive driving course

4-day advanced & defensive driving course

An intensive advanced driving course integrating RoSPA

Advanced driving. Defensive driving. Different terms that describe the same thing: components of driving mastery.

The road to becoming a master driver is a long and winding one. Fortunately, the journey is immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

We help drivers like you to achieve their individual driving ambitions. We tailor expert driving coaching that is focused on your goals.

With Bespoke Driver Training you will enjoy training this is fun, educational and pragmatic. But not dogmatic.

During a course with us you will learn new skills, enhance your knowledge and safety, and begin to enjoy your driving with more confidence and fulfilment. And have a great time!

In addition to developing on-road expertise, the integral track-based coaching develops aspects of car control and on-the-limit handling to aid accident avoidance.

Investment £1152.50

  • 2-to-1 participant-to-trainer ratio
  • new/nearly new vehicles
  • proving ground hire
  • 2 certificates/awards, inc RoSPA

Course dates

For 2020

  • February 23 — 26
  • April 19 — 22
  • July 19 — 22
  • August 30 — 2 September
  • October 18 — 21

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